Dungeons & Starships provides a deeply immersive experience as a sci-fi and fantasy themed tavern, lounge and café for tabletop gaming, and with our 501(c)3 sister company (The FFSL, Inc.) will serve the community as a hub for employment, help, and outreach.
It was started from my passion for playing some the most popular tabletop and pen & paper games, and my desire to share that experience with others, while also giving back to my community.

At Dungeons & Starships you’ll find everything you could possibly want to play in, or run, the greatest Table Top RPG’s and Card Games of all time. Our facility features Hollywood quality custom rooms built from the ground up with the “player experience” in focus. Integrated visual effects, surround-sound audio systems, sound effects, fully automated lighting, and the unique, hand-crafted décor of our rooms will submerge you, and your gaming group, deeper into your gaming experience like you’ve never experienced before.

We host events, tournaments, game/anime/TV/movie parties, screenings, book/merch signings, cosplay events, costume competitions, classes, and more!

Our environments feature custom gaming spaces and tables that can be fit with maps and covers for drawing, a digital playboard, or filled with any of our vast collection of miniatures and terrain pieces. For everything from Eberron to LV421, and all of the rifts and realms in between and beyond, Dungeons & Starships has you covered… AND You’ll never have to leave the comfort of your gaming chairs to get snacks and drinks! Our staff will bring anything you order right to your room or table.

Grandmother's Healing

Grandmothers Healing is the official and all natural healing solution for
everyone here at Dungeons & Starships


Terra Sella is the official Ergonomic Seating System of Dungeons and Starships!


Frank DiSalvo

Palm Desert's premier entertainer for over a decade, and five more entertaining the world.


DiSalvo Guitars

Did I mention that Uncle Frank makes these amazing custom crafted guitars? He is what is called a "Luthier" because he's a maker of guitars. I did not know that. I had to look it up.